Quarantine Reminder

It is day somethin’ somethin’ in quarantine, and I have mixed emotions. On one hand, this is a hombody’s dream, on the other hand, the restrictions and uncertainty of it all has my anxiety running high. Who would’ve thought we could save the world by staying home and Netflix binging? I didn’t; yet here we are. Normally I love staying home and rewatching Friends for the billionth time, but not today, Like most, I don’t do well with uncertainty, nor do I do well being confined. Not to mention, I simply miss spending time with my family and friends and hugs are pretty much my favourite thing.

I realize there are bigger issues than my internal struggles going on in the world right now, but I’m reminding myself (and whoever reading this) that other’s struggles don’t make yours or mine any less important or valid.

Sending support and virtual hugs your way!

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