Black Lives Matter

Writing is my way of processing and trying to make sense of the world. Unfortunately, not everything has a solution and don’t know if there’s much sense to be made right now. The state of the world has made me feel extremely sad lately. As I’m typing this I feel embarrassed and ashamed to have needed to type “lately” at all. It breaks my heart to know that, while I have not had to face harsh, brutal and unjust treatment based on my skin colour, others continue to face it everyday. While I’d naively like to think our world is a place of diversity and acceptance, that is far from the truth. The truth is that racism is just as alive now as it was 100 years ago, and 100 years before that. I will never fully comprehend the tremendous hardship and polarization the back community continues to endure, but I can start to acknowledge the presence of my privilege. Given the present state of the world right now, I wish there was something bigger and better I could do, but this is a start. I may not be as educated on this matter as I’d like, but I do know this: this isn’t the time to say “all lives matter” – the least we could do is give the black community our full, undivided attention. Black lives matter. 

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