Rough Patch

I’ve been having a rough time -2020, ya know? There are several reasons I’m struggling – from the pandemic, to the lack of employment, to my dog’s never ending allergy issues but I don’t have all night, so I’ve decided to share one one the many things that are on my mind. Are you scared?

I’ve been on this earth and in this body for over 25 years and I still grieve what I don’t have. People tend to assume that because this body has always been my reality, I don’t “miss” what I don’t have – that is far from the truth. I know what my body “should” be capable of, and sometimes I’m angry at my body for constantly betraying me.

Honestly, I feel uncomfortable posting this because I don’t want pity or to give others the idea that my existence is to remind others of how good they have it – I don’t know which is worse. 

In any case, I’m sharing with you because I’m told sadness is part of the human experience. Besides, what else is there to do at 12:30 AM?

This is a reminder that it’s ok to feel your feelings. Get an overpriced coffee if you need a pick-me-up. That’s a healthy coping strategy, right?….asking for a friend. 

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